Paul Pearcy -- Percussion Discography


The Dixie Chicks/ Home
Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Willie Nelson/ Red Hot and Country
Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Mudhoney/ Blinding Sun
Terri Hendrix/ Wilory Farm
Terri Hendrix/ Places in Between
Terri Hendrix/ Live at Cibolo Creek Country Club
Terri Hendrix/ Live at Cheatham St.
Terri Hendrix/ The Ring
Terri Hendrix/ The Art of Removing Wallpaper
Pat Green/ Three Days
Starcrost/ Starcrost
Austin Lounge Lizards/ Paint Me on Velvet
Austin Lounge Lizards/ Small Minds
Austin Lounge Lizards/ Employee
Austin Lounge Lizards/ Never an Adult Moment
Austin Lounge Lizards/ Dangerous Spirits
Ray Wylie Hubbard/ Dangerous Spirits
Ray Wylie Hubbard/ Live at Cibolo Creek Country Club
Ray Wylie Hubbard/ Locos Gringos Lament
Ray Wylie Hubbard/ Something About the Night
Ray Wylie Hubbard/ Crusades of the Restless Nights
Jerry Jeff Walker/ Live at Gruene Hall
Jerry Jeff Walker/ Cowboy Boots and Bathing Suits
Tish Hinojosa/ Cada Niño
Tish Hinojosa/ Destiny’s Gate
Tish Hinojosa/ Culture Swing
Tish Hinojosa/ Memorabilia Navidad
Tish Hinojosa/ Dreaming From the Labyrinth
Sara Hickman/ Necessary Angels
Sara Hickman/ Misfits
Sara Hickman/ Spiritual Appliances
Darden Smith/ Native Soil
Darden Smith/ Darden Smith
Darden Smith/ Trouble No More
Darden Smith/ Little Victories
Darden Smith/ Evidence
Hal Ketchum/ Threadbare Alibis
Larry Joe Taylor/ Coastal and Western
Larry Joe Taylor/ Heart of the Matter
Max Stallings/ Heart of the Wide Afternoon
Max Stallings/ Comfort in the Curves
Adam Carroll/ South of Town
Albert and Gage/ Burning Moonlight
Albert and Gage/ Live at Anderson Fair
Albert and Gage/ Jumping Tracks
Bob Livingston/ Mahatma Gandhi and Sitting Bull
Johnsmith/ Kicking This Stone
Bill Oliver/ Texas Oasis
Bill Oliver/ Friends of the River
Bill Oliver/ Better Things to Do
Caroline Herring/ Twilight
Bill and Bonnie Hearne/ New Mexico Rain
Jeff Talmadge/ Bad Tattoo
Jeff Talmadge/ Spinning of the World
Jeff Talmadge/ Gravity Grace and the Moon
Bobby Bridger/ Ballad of the West
Stuart Adamson/ I've Got Lonesome
Bruce Jones/ Flashpoint Sessions
Gary P. Nunn/ It's a Texas Thang
Tracy Lynn/ Leave a Trail
Dub Miller/ American Troubadour
Dub Miller/ Post Country
John Arthur Martinez/ Stand Your Ground
The Ash Family/ Bread and Wine
Karen Mal/ Mercury's Wings
Abi Tapia/ One Foot Out the Door
Kevin Deal/ Kiss on the Breeze
Luke Olson/ Uvaldi
Mike Blakely/ West of You
Chrissy Flatt/ Walk With Kings
Frank Meyer/ Dagnabit
Todd Hoke/ Turning of the Wheel
Tom Frost/ New Horizons
Darcie Deaville/ Tornado in Slo Mo
Wiggins Sisters/ Minnesota
DeVilles y Motivo/ Tense Present
DeVilles y Motivo/ Tropical Cowboy
Jill Jones/ New Day
John Greenberg/ Hill CountryTrail
Steve Hopkins/ Just Another Day in Paradox
Denise Franke/ You Don't Know Me
Paul Edward Sanchez/ Yesterday's Clothes
Marion Randall/ Long Time Gone
The Free Radicals/ Flying With the Phoenix
Sissy Ciero/ Nectar
Rand McCullough/ Ten Circles
W. C. Jameson/ Old Flannel Shirt
The Nonchalants/ Drive
Kerry Grombacher/ Ridin for the Brand
The Therapy Sisters/ Codependent Christmas
The Therapy Sisters/ Beyond Prescription
The Therapy Sisters/ Mood Swings
Edge City/ Mystery Ride
Jed Leshowitz/ Wrapped in Burgundy
Danny Santos/ Sinners and Saints
Studebakers/ Now & Then
Jennifer Koury/ Dancing with my Demons
Peter Keane/ Blues
Stephen Taylor/ Been Here Before
Meredith Louse Miller/ Bob
Endless Avenue/ Next Stop Austin Texas
The Denns/ Texas Wait for Me
Kirt Kempter/ Wrinkle in Time
Bill Staines/ Going to the West
Sara Elizabeth Campbell/ Running with You
Beto y Los Fairlanes/ Midnight Lunch
Laurie Freelove/ Smells Like Truth
Chip Dolan/ Right Now
Idgy Vaughn/ Origin Story
Michael Lille/ Suitable Disguise
Joe Pat Hennen/ A Little Bit Easy
Leé Colee/ Jazzical
Mary Beth D'Amico/ Heaven, Hell, Sin and Redemption
Terri Hendrix/ Spiritual Kind
Susan Gibson/ New Dogs, Old Tricks
John Inmon/ Song for Heavy Traffic
Effron White/ Paradiso Loco
Bob Livingston/ Original Spirit
Will T. Massey/ Slow Study
Kerry Grombacher/ It Sings in the Hi-Line
Kim Miller Risk of the Roar
Jay Sims/ Half Souls and Heals
Jay Sims/ So Help Me
Matthew Ballard/ Midnight Drive
Matthew Ballard/ Time
Bill Oliver/ Audobon Adventures
Flyin' A's/ Blacktop Backroads
Joe Gee/ Joe Gee
Christine Albert/ Paris, Texasfrance
Albert and Gage/ Live at Anderson Fair
Albert and Gage/ One More Christmas
Smokey Wilson/ Back to the Road House
Zoe Lewis/ A Cure for the Hiccups
Terri Hendrix/ Left Overalls